l' hiver monastique

with Frédérique St-Hilaire (video artist) & Clemens Merkel (violinist)

l'hiver monastique installation / performance (70 min duration)

3 paper mache cones (approx. 4.5 ft long), suspended and slowing spinning above 7 canvases with live video and live violin performance

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In the deep winter of 2000, in the isolation of the abandoned Monastery that is home to the St. Norbert Arts Centre, Michael and violinist, Clemens Merkel collaborated with recording artist Peter Hecker, who agreed to come from Berlin, Germany to record a 70 minute solo violin piece designed to exploit the austere spaces of an old Monastery in Manitoba.

The project was designed to be an evolving artwork and has since been developed into an interactive computer program presented in East Berlin and most recently was developed into an installation in collaboration with myself and including a live video performance by Frederique St-Hilaire and live performance of the solo violin piece by Clemens Merkel at the Old Montreal Gazette Building as part of Montreal: La Ville Creative: Biennale de Montreal 2004 on October 17.