Starch Solution for Paper Maché (SIZE)
Source: Painter's Handbook
Starch (any vegetable starch eg. rice, potato or wheat flour) 1
Cold Water 3
Hot Water 3
Stir starch into cold water to make a smooth lump free paste. Slowly add this paste to the boiling water, stiring well. When the solution begins to clarify, set it aside to cool. Store left overs in fridge or add 10 drops of formaldehyde per cup of solution to keep the paste from spoiling.

When using it as a protection for raw canvas or paper, thin it down so that you can brush it on quickly.

Note: This Starch solution not only is easy to make but lasts a very long time. It can be mixed with acrylic paints to produce opacity as well. I've used it to create leaf collages with dried leaves on fabric. Mixed with paint it makes a good coloured ground. but best of all, it works very well for paper maché. Giving a strong clear finish. Since it's boiled it can keep a while in your fridge as well.

for the painter it gives a quick-drying protection to paper and cloth, allowing you to pant immediately over them with oil or resinous paints. mixed with paint it works well for quick sketches because of the drying speed.