Singapore Chicken
Source: Hsu Lin
Preparation Time: abaout 1 hour, 20 min
one whole chicken Garlic, crushed fine
head of garlic
1 inch ginger dipping sauce 2:
salt Equal parts Vinegar, Soya, and Hot Asian Chili sauce and Toasted sesame oil
toasted sesame oil pinch Sugar
1 Clove Garlic, crushed fine
dipping sauce 1: 1/2 inch Ginger, grated fine
Green onions, minced fine
Ginger, grated fine
submerge whole chicken in pot of cold water with, salt, one head garlic and one onion. bring to boil and then turn off with lid on and let sit for 45 min. Bring to simmer again and simmer another 20 min. or til chicken ready to fall off bones. Drain chick and cut across bones. place on serving tray and pour sesame oil over top. Chill. Garnish with green onion and serve with two sauces

If you reserve the stock you can use it to make an accompanying rice dish where you fry an inch of chopped ginger with a half a head of garlic, then add 1 cup jasmine rice, fry a little more til rice is a little browned, then add the stock, bring to boil and turn off with lid on. Keep at lowest heat for 15 min til cooked.

Note: I learned to make this from my UBC friend, Hsu Lin. We served it at our wedding party. A great cold meal for picnics. Easy to make ahead.