Proposal Creation

I work with artists, tour coordinators, or curators to create proposals for tours or exhibitions that include all the key elements galleries will need to make a decision regarding their involment.

From experience I have learned that a good pdf proposal is an inexpensive means to discover if sufficient interest exists to go forward with a tour. Many galleries will now make their decisions soley based on a comprehenseive pdf proposal while others may be encouraged to ask for hard copy proposals for their committees to view. Pdfs may also be posted on a web for those galleries that prefer receiving links. A web page may also serve as an invaluable resource for artists, galleries and curators, a place to post new information, to place materials for fundraising or advertising, to make imagery downloadable and to keep interested parties abreast of developments during the course of planning and careeing out a tour.

Proposal Examples

Once More with Feeling

curator: David Deitcher
Independent Curator

Rewind: Bonnie Baxter

Curator: Andree Matte
Musee d'art contemporain des Laurentides

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