I offer a wide range of professional services to artists and arts organizations. Starting with my own experience as an artist, I have over 15 years of experience working with galleries, art centres and professional artists and musicians, helping them to shape their profiles and to articulate the nature of their work.

Many artists find it hard to take time away from their own creative process to prepare the materials they need to become or remain competitive for grants. They feel overwhelmed by the requests of galleries and museums for support materials. Sometimes they simply need an outside perspective on the tragectory of their art and their career.

My services are designed to help with this.

WRITING: After talking to the artist and reviewing their portfolio I create professioanl biographies and artist statements. I can supply articles or short texts about artists work either as a credited writer or a ghostwriter, as required. I am also available to add to, or edit existing texts.

WEB DESIGN: I design and maintain personal and professional web pages. My sites are technically simple, designed to be accessible on any device. My goal is to reflect the aesthetics of the artist or the gallery, not of myself. I find the creation of a web site is often the first step in creating an artist's profile as the process of deciding on the contents of a website helps to organize existing materials and hightlights elements missing for the presentation of an artists work.

GRAPHIC DESIGN / PROPOSAL CREATION: I design exhibition catalogues and invitations for exhibitions and concerts. I also create proposals for tours, exhibits and other events.

CATALOGUING: For those artists or galleries who are finding it difficult to keep track of the information on each artwork they possess or create, I make cataloguing systems for artwork, including formats that allow you to track sales, add sales tax and produce receipts as well as keep track of where your art is: which gallery, storage location etc. These Catalogues may also be formatted to create quick catalogues for print or for email ready presentations. Each catalogue is adapted to the needs of the artist or organization.